Al directs and produces films for editorial and commercial clients with a special interest in documentary film making.

She has worked on films for The BBC, BFI, The Guardian, Pulse Films, Some Such, Boiler Room, Dazed, Insight TV, Vice, i-D, Young Turks and global NGO’s. Most recently she has produced two television series for Vice Studios.

She has also worked with brands including Nike, WeTransfer, Levi's, Loewe, Nikon, Bacardi, Lynx, Giff Gaff and ASOS.

In a film made possible by Axe, THUMP heads to New York to delve deep into the hyper-stylish, hyper-competitive world of the ballroom. Our examination of vogue introduces us to the likes of Gisele Xtravaganza and MikeQ as we head to one of the legendary Vogue Knights balls.

Producer / Director Yemi Bamiro
Assistant Producer Al Lewis
Production Manager Vicky Newman
DOP Henry Lockyer
Additional Camera Cory Stein & Yemi Bamiro
Sound Recordist Rob Garcia
Editor Aldo Paternostro
Music Supervisor Alex Benge
VICE Post Support Danny Robinson & Frank Piazza